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REVIEWED – Detox teas, are they worth it?

I’ll always approach a product with skepticism and caution if it promises weight loss. I’ve never been one for the likes of Slimfast or The Cambridge Diet when it comes to losing weight. I don’t think there is a miracle cure, powder or liquid – it’s simply about moving more and cutting down on the naughty… Continue reading REVIEWED – Detox teas, are they worth it?


Is birch water the new coconut water?

I think that may have been the most ridiculous ‘first world’ sentence I’ve ever written. Now I’m not one that’s really in to fads, I’m curious for sure, but anything that’s diet related or the new ‘must-have’ will make me run a million miles in the other direction. I only really heard about birch water… Continue reading Is birch water the new coconut water?


Salmon and broccoli superfood miso soup

I have about a 50% success rate when it comes to cooking. Luckily this recipe falls in to the tasty half. This is probably one to shop for after payday due to salmon and purple sprouting broccoli being on the pricier side of a grocery shop. I used brown rice noodles from hiSbe; a wonderful independent shop… Continue reading Salmon and broccoli superfood miso soup

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Overcoming Blogophobia

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’ve finally done it. I’ve created a blog after about eight years of procrastination. I’m probably influenced by the bloggers I’m working with on a daily basis to be honest. I guess my main stumbling block has always been my expectations. I have expected every blog post to be thought out,… Continue reading Overcoming Blogophobia