Ditching bullshit beauty products

It’s coming up to my two year Veganniversary and what a journey it’s been. I’m thrilled to be one of the many who have contributed to the growth of veganism  in the UK by 360% in the past ten years, I’ve noticed a real shift awareness of health and moral issues concerning the use of animal products with films such as Okja and What The Health causing so many people I know to re-considerer what they put in and on their bodies.

I’ll be the first to admit that beauty products have been the hardest follow by the vegan rulebook and the issues I’ve had regarding wastage that I raised in my first vegan post still stands. You’ll also find in  this post that I suffered terribly from breakouts since going cold turkey on animal products and my skin is definitely still more congested than clear. I thought this was due to oil and dirt which has caused me to wash my face semi obsessively and keep moisturiser to a minimum; thinking this would only add to the oiliness and cause breakouts. After a recent facial, my therapist told me my skin is actually dehydrated which is causing excessive oiliness and a serum might be the best investment. The word ‘invest’ usually leads me to an eye watering Space NK trip, leaving £50 lighter with complex products that usually leave me twenty times spottier.

This post is actually dedicated to my newfound Lush crush and their stupidly happy, friendly staff in the Brighton store. My recent visit included a demonstration of a skincare routine which is definitely the kind of investment I can get on board with after I use the rest of my Simple product and I can then finally ditch evil Unilever products. I felt they really listened to what I wanted in Lush and their Full Of Grace serum wins me over for several reasons: it’s animal friendly, it’s a bar so no more fancy glass bottles (anyone else find that that last drop mocks you from it’s unbreakable prison?) and it’s only £5.95! When I first smelt it I could really detect the Portobello Mushroom ingredient but since then, I can really smell lovely Chamomile and I don’t wake up with a greasy residue on my skin which has happened every morning since my teens. I love how Lush displays the ingredients of their products, so I’ve included them below;

I also bought a toner while in store which is called Breath Of Fresh Air which contains saltwater, seaweed extract and rose and is super refreshing and really cleansing. Again, lovely screenshots of ingredients below;

Since using these product religiously twice a day, I finish off with Paula’s Choice Clear Moisturiser which I would strongly recommend. Paula’s Choice extra strength products are no-nonsense and animal friendly too of course.

As I’m not working in an unnecessary, over air conditioned office anymore, I’m finding I’m wearing less makeup (win) so at the moment I’m loving The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream which gives me a healthy glow and just the right amount of coverage which makes me less corpse-esque. My skin is feeling fresher and clearer than ever before so thank you Lush 🙂

For a full list of Peta approved beauty brands, check out this handy little tool.



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