The best VEGAN pizzas in Brighton

*enters room looking slightly sheepish*

Ok so it’s been well over a year since I last updated my blog. My increase in a whole dress size will tell you I’ve been doing a hella lot of drinking and eating. Which means I actually have a lot to talk about when it comes to food and how eating dairy, meat free PIZZA as a vegan can still be delicious.

Luckily I live in Brighton and I can tell you there’s no better place to be a freedom fighting, pizza loving vegan than this beautiful city. I can confirm that travels around the UK often has left me scowling into a bowl of undressed greenery leaves in some beige inane town I’ve visited to ‘get out of the city’. Instead I just go to the south downs and take a pasty.

As my chub rub bobbled jeans will let on, I have tried all the pizza in Brighton and I’m going to give you a run-down of the best places to go if you’re looking for a dairy free, delicious, animal loving ball of doughy goodness.

Purezza, Kemptown

This is my go-to place for vegan pizza, I was there the day it opened and almost every week since it’s local and conveniently on Deliveroo when I’m too hungover to face the world.

Wait, hold the phone and forget everything I said about expanding waistlines and blame it on the wine; their pizzas are between 480 – 620 calories. Compared to a ‘typical’ pizza, from a fast food chain or supermarket, this is the equivalent of just 2 or 3 slices.

I strongly recommend taking your meat eating friends (they’ll be converted) and try the Mac n Cheese, desserts, anything you can get your hands on in this place. You will NOT be disappointed. I’m trying to petition for a fondue evening at this place – who’s with me?

Oh and here’s some obligatory ‘I take pictures of my food’ images;


Fatto A Mano, Church Road and London Road

I had the privilege of being invited to the lovely Fatto A Mano in Hove this month to try their new vegan mozzarella pizzas. Again, another incredible animal friendly pizza and has been described by The Guardian as ‘the holy grail’ of pizza toppings. Not only dairy free but their cheese is organic too and made with rice which feels lighter than nut based cheeses. Additional toppings included fried courgettes, caramelized red onion and pesto all polished off with a very authentic Aperol spritz.

I was given a goodie bag to take away so I’ll be sure to reveal some of the lovely ingredients in another post. I’m particularly intrigued by the quinoa spaghetti…

I apologize in advance for this photo, I wasn’t strategic in my light vs seating choice


Pizzaface, Hove, Kemptown and Worthing

I only have one thing to say about this place and it’s that I’m terribly upset that their vegan pizzas are only available on Mondays and Tuesdays. Who’s bright idea was this? At the start of the week we all have good intentions to go to the gym and sweat out our cardinal weekend sins. Why have you done this to me Pizzaface? If however you are having a particularly lazy Monday then I cannot suggest their vegan pizzas enough, especially the Thom Yorke which is Cheese, spinach, smoked tofu sausage, pine nuts, sour cream and chopped garlic. Jesus Christ this pizza is insane…


Deadwax Social, Bond Street, North Lanes

This was the point of my 12 month love affair with vegan pizza when I actually considered going to Deadwax social by myself to cash in on their 241 pizza offer on a Wednesday. This is by far the most affordable pizza place, especially if visiting mid week but you can sometimes be prepared to wait for a long time as this doesn’t seem to be the best kept secret in Brighton. This doesn’t bode well with someone who suffers with severe hanger issues but I promise it’s worth the wait, you just might have to take some snack a jacks in your bag and get a bit pissed.

An intervention should have happened at this point;

Zizzi, Prince Albert Street, South Lanes

I did question putting a ‘chain’ amongst these lovely independents but you know what, I bloody love Zizzi (please never add an ‘s’ to the end of this restaurant name or we’re no longer friends). Zizzi have really been upping their vegan game of late, their ragu in the new year was to die for and their pizza with rice mozzarella was equally as impressive. I don’t have a picture of this one as I was trying to be professional on a work lunch after discussing that the mozzarella looked identical to man gravy. Yep, taking a picture of my food would have definitely been the height of being unprofessional.

Please let me know if there are any gems I’ve missed out, I’ll definitely give them a try and may even take my elasticated jeans for a spin.



2 thoughts on “The best VEGAN pizzas in Brighton

  1. These are great! Personally favourite is Pizza Express’s ‘Pianta’ (meaning plant in Italian!) You’ve not lived until you’ve tried it 😉 its got no Vegan cheese, and for a good reason, everything on it is perfect 😀 Purezza is also amazing tho! Agreed!

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