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REVIEWED – Detox teas, are they worth it?

I’ll always approach a product with skepticism and caution if it promises weight loss. I’ve never been one for the likes of Slimfast or The Cambridge Diet when it comes to losing weight. I don’t think there is a miracle cure, powder or liquid – it’s simply about moving more and cutting down on the naughty but nice things.

I was refreshed to see that some detox teas come with helpful tips surrounding a healthy lifestyle and are used more of an aid to weight-loss rather than a complete solution. My curiosity with detox teas were bred out of being on the more congested end of the spectrum through working long hours and lack of sleep making while working in London which caused me reach for handfuls of beige food. Also, I’ve read quite a lot recently on how a healthy digestive system can have a huge impact on your weight, mood and complexion.

I wouldn’t recommend some of these teas if you have a busy or long day ahead of you. I’ve broken down each tea and given them a rating out of five based on their price, taste and disruptive potential.

Taste – 1/5
Price – 2/5
Toilet Urgency – 5/5
Cuppatea 1
Cuppatea is priced at £18.99 for a 14 day Teatox

I was approached by Cuppatea to review their tea and I was definitely impressed by their packaging – just look at how cute that little bird is! It’s slightly cheaper than leading competitors such as Bootea which I’d tried previously. As someone who struggles to drift off, the Chamomile was a nice addition to the nighttime tea, but other than that it had a very strong, bitter taste that was difficult to drink, even after adding plenty of honey. The morning tea had a welcome addition caffeine which is great for my snooze button tendencies. However, the laxative properties are super strong and more suited to those less sensitive than myself. I’d approach this one with caution and I’d buy Bootea instead as the effects are less intense and the flavour is much nicer.

Bedtime cleanse contains: Senna leaves, Burdock root, Liquorice root, Hawthorn leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Peppermint leaves, Chamomile and Psyllium seeds.

Ingredients in the morning tea as follows: Mate leaves, Chinese oolong tea, Ginger root, Lotus leaves, Lemongrass, Ginseng root, Dandelion leaf, Gotu kola leaves, Nettle leaves.

Taste – 4/5
Price – 2/5
Toilet Urgency – 4/5
Bootea 14 day detox costs £19.99

This was the tea that prompted me to write this post. I still have mixed reviews due to its weight loss claim but it does taste really great. I didn’t take this every other day as advised due to it’s ability to disrupt your day but it definitely tasted good and the morning tea has a really soothing lemon and ginger aroma to it. I’d definitely buy this again as a treat if I was feeling bloated.

Ingredients of the nighttime tea as follows: Senna leaves, Peppermint leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Liquorice root, Burdock root, Hawthorn leaves, Valerian root, Psyllium seeds.

Morning tea includes: Chinese Oolong tea, Maté leaves, Ginger root, Fennel seeds, Lemongrass, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng root, Gotu Kola leaves, Nettle leaves.

Taste – 5/5
Price – 3/5
Toilet Urgency – 1/5
14 day skinny Teatox costs around £18

I don’t condone anything that refers to ‘skinny’ as being aspirational so let’s just ignore the brand name for now and concentrate just how lovely this tea tastes. Firstly, it’s not disruptive to your day, aids a peaceful nights sleep and just tastes so natural. Plus, the customer service I received from their head office in Berlin as well as a personalised note doesn’t go unnoticed. I think it’s the absence of Senna leaves which make this a lot gentler than the others. The loose tea can make it a bit of a faff to clean the tea strainer but overall, this comes top of the charts and therefore queen of the teatox!

Bedtime tea ingredients: Rooibos, lemon balm leaves, peppermint leaves, green oat herb, hibiscus blossom, elderflower, lime blossom, yarrow, cornflower blossoms

Daytime ingredients: Lemongrass, dandelion, green mate leaves, goji berries, green Sencha tea, ginger root, birch leaves, nettle leaves, goldenrod, horsetail

Other brands I’d recommend are Pukka and Dr Stuarts detox teas but if you want to try the bedtime cleanse then go German and try the Teatox!

Have you ever tried detox teas? What did you think of them?


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