Is birch water the new coconut water?

I think that may have been the most ridiculous ‘first world’ sentence I’ve ever written. Now I’m not one that’s really in to fads, I’m curious for sure, but anything that’s diet related or the new ‘must-have’ will make me run a million miles in the other direction. I only really heard about birch water when Sibberi followed me on Twitter.

As a self-confessed coconut water fan (I genuinely love the taste) I was intrigued and Siberri kindly sent me two bottles. Their packaging is fab and even contained a sample of birch bark. It’s one of those things that sat on my windowsill for a while and I’d pick it up again and think ‘this is cool’ before putting it down and at a loss with what to do with it next.

Anyway, here is the bottle in all it’s glory along with some handy facts of the benefits of this wondrous drink. And how cute is the branding?!

birch water

drink pure sap










But what does it taste like I hear you ask? Would you trust the opinion of a coconut water fan if I told you it was delicious? It’s certainly an interesting drink but I think the above health benefits cancels out any bad taste anyway. I’d describe the initial flavour as sour, almost a bit like yoghurt but with a sweet after taste, not dis-similar to maple syrup.

sourced from teatimeinwonderland

Image sourced from teatimeinwonderland

So not only is it good for your body but I read in The Guardian how coconut water harvesters are poorly paid. Unfortunately like most successful products, people get left behind or exploited. There will be a post of mine soon ranting about fast fashion, true cost movie and fashion revolution to highlight this issue.

However, with birch water – the farmers are paid a premium due to the manual harvesting and remote locations. Yay for fair pay!

So, have you tried birch water, coconut water or anything similar? Let me know!


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