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Yoga and pampering day at Studio iO

I’ve been meaning to visit Studio iO for a while now. I’ve known its founder Holly for about a year now after taking her yoga class at Sweaty Betty. I have a selfish urge not to tell you how her teaching style of Yoga might just change your life. I’ve even been treated to a temple rub with peppermint oil during Savasana which is just pure bliss. However I shouldn’t tease too much as these classes are almost impossible to get in to; I’ve been on the waiting list every Tuesday for about a month now so I definitely jumped at the chance to visit Holly at her Studio.


After arriving stupidly early, I managed to sample some of these fantastic protein balls made with coconut and lime from Eat Naked (a lovely little cafe which will probably have a dedicated post soon). I can’t believe how great these tasted and how they are completely guilt free!


The skylights in the studio fulfilled my cravings for light airy spaces that my dark basement flat severely lacks. You can see in the below photo how this makes such a calming space to practice yoga.


A huge stretch out was just what I needed after an intense day previously in The Alps. To top off my healing stretchy yoga, I also booked the best facial and massage ever with Katie Light. I’ve always sneered slightly at the thought of a facial massage – why does my face need a massage, surely you’re just rubbing oil in to an already oily surface?! How wrong I was. Katie used rose quartz to massage my face which sounds slightly unnecessary but it was SO cooling and helps flush out toxins from the skin. She also used amazing products by Elethea which smelt incredible and contains no nasties.  These products definitely soothed my agitated skin as I recently found out that spray tans + my skin simply do not mix. Unless of course the look you’re going for is a pimply pre-teen? Thought not…

The massage was oh-so incredible too, just the right amount of pressure (is anyone else too polite to say when a massage hurts?) and Katie was so in-tune with the mechanics of my body. I always knew that a flexibility nemesis of mine is my mid back – any kind of forward fold makes my back do this awful dome curved thing. What I didn’t know is that your hamstrings and mid-back are a chicken and egg situation. I’ve definitely been working on my hamstrings for years but I think I need to to give my mid back some love. Suggestions welcome! Wow, I can’t believe I’m talking about back complaints – someone fetch me a zimmer frame.


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