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Fitness retreat? You need 24 hours in The Alps

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Caution – extreme work envy may follow.

As some of you may know. I recently secured the job of a lifetime for a company I’ve hounded wanted to work for for several years now. It was the option of either a job offer or a restraining order so lucky for me I was granted the former.

I’ll probably write another post about reasons why I love my job but for now I’ll just blog about the AMAZING flying visit to Samoens. It was a pretty full on trip, just flying seems to take it out of me plus there’s the airport faff but who am I kidding, I WAS PRANCING AROUND IN THE BLOODY ALPS for 24 hours rather than being cooped up in an office.

The official title of our work retreat was Mountain Divas – meaning it was a ladies only trip. Airport wine happened. Ballet poses enforced.

I was so eager to see the view after travelling for hours in the dark and was not disappointed. Here was the view when I stepped outside the hotel.


We then split up in to either cycling, paragliding or walking groups. I took the walking option as I have yet to learn to ride a bike (I know) this summer.

So I began my five hour trek across some pretty treacherous paths with the rest of the divas, and even managed to involve everyone in some poses from my Barrecore Beach Body Challenge. Just. Look. At. That. View



My legs were complete jelly by the end of our trek and my glutes and quads have only just stopped burning.

After the obligatory lunchtime baguette came the white water rafting. Let’s just pause here for a second as I am TERRIFIED of water. This, coupled with wrestling my thighs in to a wetsuit in 40 degree heat made my anxiety levels hit the roof. I almost completely bailed but once we’d set off, and I realised I wasn’t going to die, I managed to ease up and take in more incredible scenery. The aching in my obliques and shoulders have only just subsided making 24 hours in The Alps an unintentional full body massacre of a workout.

Here’s more of that beautiful scenery I mentioned;

Water rafting
There’s already been discussion for next year’s trip. Mountain yoga may be on the cards.







5 thoughts on “Fitness retreat? You need 24 hours in The Alps

  1. Aha! It was a work thing (I know) just for fun!

    Hope to catch you in yoga or something soon? Or lunch could happen, there’s a new veggie tapas place on Western road I need to try!


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