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Bikram Yoga – Pavilion Gardens

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All this hot weather has really made me crave outdoor exercise so I’ve definitely been neglecting the gym of late. However I feel like I’ve bypassed the comfortable ‘in-between’ weather and headed straight in to ‘it feels as if my body is on fire’ weather so outside runs pre 7pm are a no-go. I suppose I could get up early and crack out a run but I’ve only just got my sleep patterns back in order – more of which later. My snooze addiction also doesn’t fare too well with the pre work workouts.

So, with outdoor cardio out of the question, yoga seems to be the answer. Cue Bikram Yoga courtesy of Bikram in the Lanes. The class took place in the jaw-dropping Pavilion Gardens and because of the wonderful liberal city that it is, no one batted an eyelid at 30 people practicing yoga which definitely put some of my ‘am I going to look like a tit?’ worries at ease.

I say at ease, there was an initial panic when BA announced the class was going to be practised in silent. Silent?! I’ve only been to Bikram Yoga twice and that was years ago. I’m pretty sure everyone there was a seasoned pro too. Luckily, BA was absolutely lovely and the class wasn’t too fast paced so I definitely had time to change position and give my hamstrings some much-needed attention.

Ah yes, my hamstrings. No matter how much yoga and pilates I do, these buggers just won’t limber up! Please see the below image for the point when I thought my hamstrings might just break. Oh regular Bikram Yogis how I envy you!


Unfortunately I didn’t get the full 90 minute class as I had to scamper back to my desk but here are some of my favorites from the 26 Bikram Moves.awkward pose
Awkward pose
This was actually the easiest position for me due to it’s need for strength rather than flexibility. A great pose for building strength in quads and calves.

Floor Bow
Floor bow pose
This is great if your quads are tight from running. I had to remember to tighten my core with this one to ease the pinch in my lower back.

half moon
Half moon pose
I find side stretches so energising and my obliques ached the next day which is always a good sign.

Locust pose
Locust pose
Perfect for building buns of steel and strengthening your back.

Standing Seperate Leg head to knee pose
Standing head to knee pose
One I should definitely practice more often – such a great pose for hamstrings and stretching out your back.


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