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Overcoming Blogophobia

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I’ve finally done it. I’ve created a blog after about eight years of procrastination. I’m probably influenced by the bloggers I’m working with on a daily basis to be honest. I guess my main stumbling block has always been my expectations. I have expected every blog post to be thought out, editorial worthy pieces and psyched myself out before I’d even written a single word.

I decided on the name Flexitarian Diaries because of my health and fitness obsession focus over the past few years, mainly induced by severe weight gain when travelling in Australia in 2009 (their cakes are just TOO good). Apologies for using the term ‘Flexitarian’ too as it’s a bit of a buzzword but I just don’t have the willpower to completely cut meat out of my diet. I struggle to commit to most things actually. Food wise, I will usually gravitate towards a pile of veg (or cheese in most cases) rather than a hunk of meat (don’t even get me started on pork). For those Brighton folk Foodilic is absolute heaven.

I suppose Flexitarianism also is a way to chop and change preferences, be it eating meat, your hobbies, career, sexual preference etc – for those eternally restless types always seeking something new or exciting. I am no stranger to new experiences or fads. Just to demonstrate, here is a list of different exercises  I’ve been obsessed with at some point in my life;

Reformer Pilates
Pole dancing
Tai Chi
Ji Jitsu
Yoga (Bikram, Anti-Gravity and Ashtanga)
Oh and a failed attempt at learning to ride a bike (more of that later)

With a new job and living 3 minutes from home I’ve spent more time working and thinking about something in the above list than actually doing. I lie slightly, Pilates at work (insert smug face here) has meant I can squeeze some much needed stretching and conditioning in to my Tuesday lunchtimes but I seriously need to get back on the cardio train. Sleep has been near impossible the past few days which I’m trying to crack. I’m going to try out this routine tonight in the hopes of getting to sleep pre 12am.

Wish me luck!


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